Centro Espositivo Rocca Paolina

Perugia 1 - 16 ottobre 2016

Mind the dates

calendario eventi

10th to 20th September 2016

Period of time,in which the selected works for the Biennale should be shipped (or delivered personally) to the headquarters of the Cultural Foundation Luciano Boccardini, Via Ferriera n. 52, 06089 Torgiano – Perugia (italy)

1st to 16th October 20

Exhibition of the works to BIENNALE CITTA' DI PERUGIA by the Exhibition Centre of Rocca Paolina in Perugia

16th October 2016

Award ceremony for the winners of the artistic sections by the Exhibition Centre of Rocca Paolina in Perugia.


Contemporary Art Biennale Perugia City

The Cultural Foundation Luciano Boccardini promotes the “Biennale Città di Perugia”, which will take place from 1st to 16th October by the Exhibition Centre Rocca Paolina in Perugia.

We have been immersed for long time in the so called “ media revolution “ and the art nowadays finds itself potentially everywhere, it's multiplied,zoommed, replied, computerized. The art is at the net where travels at extra speed, and at he same time the values of “art consuption “ are changing and overall change the concept of contemprary art. Contemporary is what happens at the same moment, it belongs to present, but is looking to the future” There is no other way to be contemporary than to be here now. Thanks to a series of reflections like this and the concept that the contemporary art can give value to a territory the Cultural Foundation Luciano Boccardini, supported by a group of intellectuals and professionals working in the sector of contemporary art and media, thought and planned an International Biennale of contemporary art in the wonderful spaces of Rocca Paolina, property of Province of Perugia.

The Cultural Foundation Luciano Boccardini wants to interpret the Biennale as a net, a meeting space among arts, avant-garde art esperimentations and communities, with particular attention to mankind, to free ideas of creativity and immages , to the art, that lives inside the society and is a language and present- time that builds the future up. This is surely a very hard work but very precise : to describe and expand the relationship between the artist and the world around him . This world that the artist recounts through his feelings and his thoughts and that he transfers on the canvas, quivering with light and colours. The Biennale of contemporary which will take place in an ancient space in the heart of the city, will teach us that looking at a work means looking at the world every day with new eyes and the art in any shape is the unique language capable of challenging the time.